Facts On Stairlift Repair Services

If you are considering installing a stairlift, you may not be aware of the process. This article should provide enough information to make your stairlift installation more pleasant and rewarding. A stairlift is a motorized seat which travels across a rail along the sides of your staircase. The fence is typically bolted to your stairs, not the wall. You will find a backrest along with two arms as well as a footrest to support your feet. It’s very easy to use an stairlift. All you have to do is sit in the chair and click the button on your arm to ascend, or the button on the back for descent, and the stairs will lead you to the destination. It’s an easy process to set up a stairlift.

The only drilling involved is drilling tiny holes into the steps every 4 to 5 steps , so that rail fixing brackets can be securely attached to the staircase. The remaining task is to put in and wire the stairlift. No problem with bends or turns. A standard stairlift is designed to be able to accommodate straight stairs, and a curved one is made specifically for your staircase. Straight stairlifts are typically mounted on the wall. However, they can be placed on either the bannister side or the wall. If you have a three-storey home and need a stairs lift for all floors the bannister side is the most suitable option. The stairlift is likely to be a barrier to doorways if it is installed in the wall. The majority of stairlifts come with a variety of colors for the seats to blend in with the decor of your home. There are alternatives you can consider. The directional controls , ‘upside down’ and ‘up’ are situated in the arm. You will generally choose between push-button controls as well as joystick controls. Joystick controls are much easier to use by people suffering from arthritis. A swivel feature should be included in the seat to allow it to pivot towards the upper landing. Go to the below mentioned site, if you are hunting for more information concerning stairlift services.

This makes it more secure to use it. It is possible to use either a powered or manual swivel mechanism. The seat, arms and footrest can fold up in the event that the stairlift isn’t active to allow it to fold easily away. The arms and seat are simple to fold away however the footrest is significantly more difficult to move because it’s so low to the floor. Therefore, you should ensure that a ‘seat to footrest linkage’ is set up so that the footrest raises and lowers in tandem with the seat. A stairlift is highly secure to operate. Stairlifts are all subject to strict safety standards. A standard feature is a seat belt, sensors on each side the footrest, rapid pressure control and the seatbelt. The stairlift stops automatically if your finger touches the joystick or control buttons. It is recommended to get your stairlift checked every year. This will ensure that there aren’t any issues with maintenance during the stairlift’s life expectancy, which should be less than 10 years. Make sure your stairlift supplier has a 24-hour emergency response service in case any unexpected Gremlins come into your home and tries to take your staircase.